TurboCCC's Home for FREE Garmin Tools

These pages are dedicated to Garmin (and some TomTom) tools used to customize your GPS functionalities. I prefer the term "customize" rather than "hack". I do not steal nor sell anything here. I just provide tools that I developped for educational purposes. You can do whatever you want with them as long as it is for your own personnal usage and not for commercial applications. After all, you paid for your GPS so it is yours to do whatever you want with it.

As with any tools, there is a chance you screw up because you can't read or because I was too lazy to explain things correctly. In both cases, you are the sole responsible for your acts and I cannot be held responsible for any damage or problems you encountered by using these tools. Use them at your own risks. Obviously, I do my best to test them on my Nuvi 3750 and Nuvi 760.

For support, I can be reached at these forums (alphabetical order - I like you all guys!):

Gps Passion
Gps Review
Gps Underground

The files are in my download section here.

All the tools are Windows 98, XP, Vista or Win 7 compatible. No Mac for now.