Split and Merge Garmin VPM voice file (non-TTS voice file only)

Main Features

  • Split a Garmin VPM file into a serie of WAV files
  • Split a TomTom CHK file into a serie of OGG files (Vorbis audio files)
  • Preview and play WAV voice samples and phrases
  • Merge them back into a VPM file

Model Compatibility

Should be compatible with all Garmin non-TTS voice file, except DrNightmare & Elfred which are encrypted.

Screen Shots



  • 1- Copy a non-TTS VPM voice file from your GPS to your computer
  • 2- Start NonTTSVoiceEditor wizard and follow the directives
  • 3- Select Extract to split the VPM into WAV files
  • 4- Use an external program like Audacity to record/edit the WAV files
  • 5- Select Play to preview the WAV voice samples and phrases
  • 6- Select Merge to join the WAV files into a VPM file
  • 7- Copy the newly modified non-TTS VPM voice file back to your GPS

The program will merge the audio file you have. Make sure they are in the same format as the original WAV files. All files should be mono (rather than stereo). They could be 16-bit PCM audio or 4-bit ADPCM audio at 22 kHz. I provide no conversion for now, but this may be coming later.


Latest version:

Previous versions:

Revision History

  • Added ability to split TomTom .chk voice files into Vorbis OGG voice sample. Vorbis OGG can be played and converted by many programs as long as you have the Vorbis driver installed. Just use the split menu and select a .chk file instead of a VPM file. You can't do anything else for now.
  • Added ability to compress the WAV files to reduce the VPM file size. Choices of no compression, automatic compression while preserving audio quality and forced compression are offered.

  • beta release.