This is the original Extra POI Editor by TurboCCC (beware of imitations!). It is a free program that allows you to create, view, edit and convert GPX, CSV, MGLN, OV2, XLS and KML POI files to any other format. It is an easy way to create or modify TourGuides files by adding icon, MP3 or JPG files. You can view POI on the map. Look at the impressive list of features below and these are just the top features.

Main Features

  • Edit GPX files and preview what it will look-like on your Nuvi 760
  • Create/Add new POI with extra information for the 'More' page
  • Import/Export POI from/to GPX, CSV, XLS, TomTom OV2, Magellan MGLN and GoogleEarth KML files
  • Create TourGuides by adding MP3 and JPG
  • Create POI using geocoded JPG photos
  • Up to 24 column CSV file import (w/ complex multiple field extraction) and export
  • 'More' preview display
  • Command-line arguments
  • 'Image' preview display
  • 'Map' preview display
  • Map markers & coordinates grabber
  • Audio preview in Preview window and in POI Edit window
  • Advanced search functions with keyword highlights
  • Basic 4-column and Multiple Column CSV export
  • POI sorting by Name and Location
  • Find duplicate POIs (by distance radius)
  • Help and contextual help separate download (Kudos to rufree4t for writing it!)
  • Multiple links support
  • Sort by location, name, location, city, state, best route and category
  • Open all POIs in MapSource or GoogleEarth
  • Batch Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding
  • Automatic State, Postcode and Phone extraction
  • 4-Column CSV custom output formatting (ULTRA COOL!)
  • Route display and ability to search POI close to the specified route (v4.80+).
  • Save to Magellan MGLN file (v4.80+)
  • Save to .GPI (beta v5.xx, not fully completed but working)
  • View Alert Circles and Bearings on map

GPS Model Compatibility

Extra_POI_Editor is compatible with all brands of GPS such as Garmin, TomTom, Magellan, ...
  • Work with POI files for any models, but the layout preview is only for 760 or 4.3" wide model, but this does not affect in any way what you can do.

Screen Shots



  • 0- Use the Option->M-Column_CSV_Field to assign up to 24 fields to be imported when opening CSV files. Default is 4 fields.
  • 1- You can import CSV files and save them as GPX. Use File->Open to open a file or File->Append to merge a file with the current one.
  • 2- Use File->Append to merge many files (GPX, CSV and JPG) at the same time
  • 3- Click on a POI to view it in the right window. Double click on the POI to edit it.
  • 4- To delete a POI, double click on it and hit the delete button or right click on it.
  • 5- To add a POI manually, click on the purple "Add New POI" button at the bottom left.
  • 6- To search for a specific POI, click the "Search by name" button (case insensitive) or File->Find.
  • 7- Use file->Save to save all the POI in memory as a GPX file.
Anything else, you can read/search in the Help file using F1 for contextual help. You can also put your mouse over some of the controls and get a ToolTip.

Edit: This section is rather small. It has not really changed since the original release a year ago. LOL! Please download the very comprehensive and easy to use Help file in the download section.


Current Version
The latest multilingual installer for Extra_POI_Editor. Just download this and run it to install EPE on your computer.
Latest Help File
Extra POI Editor V4.85 Help File.zip
A very good source of information about EPE. Download this file and extract the contents into the folder that contains the Extra_POI_Editor program files. It provides context-sensitive help when you press [F1].
Just the Main .exe File
Extra_POI_Editor V604.zip
This is just the main "Extra_POI_Editor.exe" application file. It is included here mostly for legacy reasons. If you want to install, re-install or upgrade EPE you really should simply download and run the installer, above. (If you try to run this .exe without using the installer it may work, but then again it may not. Some power users know how to get around those issues, but if you're not one of those then save yourself some trouble and just use the installer.)

  • Please DONATE if you like it! See below.

Previous versions:


MP3 or WAV file not playing?

I have not heard of this problem in years, but this problem seems to happen on WinXP with SP3 when there are spaces in the file path. To fix the issue, follow this procedure:

  • Open a DOS window (Start-Run->cmd)
  • type this (this is just a query - does nothing):

  • fsutil behavior query disable8dot3

  • If your computer returns 1, you need to enable 8.3 filename creation, just type (this will do something):

  • fsutil behavior set disable8dot3 0

  • and reboot your computer. It is pretty harmless, but it will ensure 8.3 filename compatibility on your computer. Now re-create the directory with spaces and all will be fixed.

Windows Defender complaining under Win 10?

When EPE was started, Windows 10 issued an alert and blocked it with a message "Windows Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk". Simply chose the "Run anyway" option. No harm done!

False Virus Alerts on my programs

All my files are scanned and safe to use. I have not heard anything in years but in case you get a false alert with some Anti-Virus, the best course of action is to scan the file at www.virustotal.com. This will scan the file against 64+ anti-virus programs. This should give you the level of confidence you need to run any file on your computer.

Operating System Requirements

This tool works under Windows 10, Windows 7, XP, Vista & 98. Sorry, but no Mac version for now.
A minimum graphic card resolution of at least 1024x768 is required. Optimum is 1280x1024 and more.

Revision History

Changes from v6.01 to v6.04
  • Added a new search location and logic in the registry to find GE Pro exe file
  • Added Lon/Lat value checking when importing CSV/XLS file

Changes from v6.00 to v6.01
  • Fixed a script error when loading streetview (compatibility issue with web browser)

Changes from v5.99 to v6.00
  • Fixed message "You are using a browser that is not supported by the Google Maps JavaScript API. Consider changing your browser"

Changes from v5.98 to beta v5.99
  • Fixed a script error when loading streetview (compatibility issue with web browser)

Changes from v5.97 to beta v5.98
  • Added ability to change the geocoding match level in Preferences. Default is street number (door level) but can be changed to street address (street level). Helps for some countries.

Changes from v5.96 to beta v5.97
  • Fixed default circle to 30m when drawing the first time.
  • Fixed EPE crash when updating a bearing that does not exit.
  • Fixed Geocoding issue which was not returning coordinates in some conditions.

Changes from v5.95 to beta v5.96
  • Added ability to view Bearing Alerts on MAP in POI Edit window. Note that EPE will use circle list when saving to .gpi if circles are present. Otherwise, bearing list is used.

Changes from v5.94 to beta v5.95
  • Added back route display in View POIs on MAP. Each route has a different color.
  • In the POI Edit page, a right-click on the map can be used to move POI market to a new position. It is still possible to drag the POI marker.
  • Fixed an issue where EPE would crash when grabbing alert circles in POI Edit window.
  • Fixed an issue where the alert circles would not get redrawn after pressing the geocoding button in the POI Edit window.

Changes from v5.93 to beta v5.94
  • Added back the StreetView in View menu. Select one poi and check it on StreetView.
  • Added back the View POIs on MAP in view menu. View all loaded POIs on the map.
  • Still missing: view routes on map (feature lost since v5.91). Working on it.

Changes from v5.92 to beta v5.93
  • Added back the circle list. Cool! In the POI Edit page, you can add alert circles directly on the map. Use "Grab Circles" button afterward.

Changes from v5.91 to beta v5.92
  • Currently fixing the java script errors since goggle updated the API to v3.19. No additional functionalities compared to v5.91

Changes from v5.35 to beta v5.91
  • Currently fixing the java script errors since goggle updated the API to v3. A few things are still not working: View All POI on Map, display circles on POI edit map and View POI on Route. Rest should be ok. Working on fixing everything.

Changes from v5.32 to beta v5.35
  • Fixed the Geocoding and Batch Geocoding functions
  • Reduced the maximum POI loaded in EPE to 500,000 instead of 1,000,000.
  • Fixed a runtime error when hitting the Grab button before the map is drawn in the POI Edit window.
Changes from v5.30 to beta v5.32
  • Fixed "Open in BaseCamp" with the new BaseCamp Beta v3.0.2.0
  • Added a way to reset the EPE windows position when starting EPE while holding the shift key.
  • Fixed something related to Add New POI (maybe Prev button autosaving new POI)

Changes from v5.29 to beta v5.30
  • Uses markers from a different site. Fixes the missing markers on View All POIs on Map and the markers for the circles in the POI edit window.

Changes from v5.27 to beta v5.29
  • Added lon/lat coordinates to the right click menu "Copy POI to Clipboard" function.
  • Opens the POI Edit window when double-clicking a POI in the Find Duplicates window.
  • You can select more than one circle at a time in the POI Edit window. Then you can delete the selected circles. You can also update one of the 3 fields just by leaving the others empty.

Changes from v5.24 to beta v5.27
  • Added 4-bit bitmap support to map symbol when saving as .gpi (any size - not just multiple of 8 pixels)
  • Forced GoogleEarth to start in a maximized window.
  • Displayed an error message when GoogleEarth or MapSource executable could not be found
  • Improved Find Duplicates function for POI files with tons of duplicates.

Changes from v4.88 to beta v5.24
  • Added .gpi in the "Save As" file type. Incomplete beta for testing.
  • wav or mp3 with same name as poi file are now saved to .gpi
  • Added gpx extensions to read/write circle list and bearing list for directional POI.
  • Display the proximity circle around the POI and the circle list in the POI Edit map.
  • Right click to add new alert circles on the map in the POI Edit window.
  • Fixed some special characters in POI Edit title and GoogleEarth.
  • Restored original fonts and size in the main windows.
  • Added file type .xls and .xlsx in the Merge Open menu.
  • Added @Speed units in the Preferences (it follows the CSV File Read and Save units).
  • Added "Emulate POI Loader" in the Preferences. Used when saving to .GPI file. When checked, the .gpi file will be nearly identical to POI Loader and the POIs will appear in the Extras/Custom POIs. When unchecked, your custom icon will appear in the Where-To menu.
  • Added "Alternate Where-To Icon Format". Different GPS uses different format. Check or uncheck depending if the Where-To icon looks bad on your GPS. Normally, check for newer GPS (like 37xx) and uncheck for older ones (like 760).
  • Added "Path to GPI file Icons" in the Preferences. This specifies the path to your Where-To icon bitmaps or your custom Map Symbols.
  • Added "Export by Filename", "Export by Symbol" and "Export by Country"in the file menu.
  • Added an automatic save of all POIs in EPE to a temp file in the EPE folder every 10-15 minutes. If EPE crashes, EPE will propose to open the recovery file. Otherwise, EPE deletes the temp file on exit.
  • Added command-line option "-o file.ext" to save automatically the specified input file(s) to a file named file.ext. [ext] must be GPX, CSV, GPI, OV2, MGLN, XLS or XLSX. The -o must be the last option on the command-line. For example: "Extra_POI_Editor Rest_Areas_NY.gpx -o Rest_Areas_NY.gpi".
  • Opened a default account for EPE on Geonames.org to use free service. EPE users can also login at Geonames and put their own username in the Preferences to have their own quota.
  • Fixed a unit conversion issue when saving using 4-Column CSV.
  • Corrected an issue with html characters in kml file causing the saved gpx not to open in MapSource.
  • Corrected a symbol display issue when typing an unknown symbol name in the POI Edit window and a bad symbol icon was shown.
  • Clicking a POI in the Duplicate list was not always selecting the correct POI. Fixed.
  • Uses the last extension saved to as the default extension (checks the file type combo value)
  • By user request, there has now 72 possible column assignments for CSV/XLS files.
  • By user request, increased the number of CSV Profiles to 20 (v5.21 fixes a bug with profiles above 10).

Changes from v1.00 to v4.88

  • Refer to the History section in the Readme.txt


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