This program will extract all symbols from a fw1_resources.bin file or logo.bin file. Such files can be extracted from .RGN or .GCD firmware files using RGN_Tool. Symbols can be extracted, previewed and saved from fw1_resources.bin files. So far, only resource files with type 1, 10, 11, 12, 13, 19, 20, 21 or 23 can be opened. The program will tell you if the file type is not recognized. If you have a GIR file of type 1, 10, 11, 12, 13, 19, 20 & 21, you can also replace existing symbols by new ones of any file size. Otherwise, you can only replace with symbol of the same resolution. Once modified, save to a new resources.bin file and flash to the GPS.

When logo.bin files are used, symbols can be extracted, previewed, saved and replaced with new bitmaps bitmaps of the same dimentions, but with different file size. Symbols are converted and saved as 24-bit bitmaps. You may edit and save the bitmaps with different editors including MS Paint. You may save the new symbols as 16-bit RGB 565, 24-bit or 32-bit bitmaps. When replaced, they will be converted back to 16-bit RGB 565. No compression is involved so do not worry about
file size if you use the same bitmap dimentions. Once done, you can save the moddified file to a new .bin logo file.

Legal Notice
The symbols extracted from a Garmin firmware file belongs to Garmin and copyrights may apply. I am not responsible for any usage you may do with these symbols.

Official disclaimers:
  • Do this at your own risks!
  • Do not flash any FW if you are getting weird errors
  • Do not flash logos from one gps model to a different model

Screen Shots



Modify a logo from a logo.bin file (see screenshots above)
1- Start GIR_Editor
2- Use File->Open to open a logo.bin file (can be extracted of some fw with RGN_Tool )
3- Right click on the list of symbols to save one or all logos.
4- Double click to replace a logo
5- Save new logo .bin file
7- You can flash this logo.bin file by creating a .rgn file with your boot.bin and logo.bin using RGN_Tool . Make sure to flash only to a compatible gps unit.

Extract/Replace symbols from a resources file
1- Start GIR_Editor
2- Use File->Open to open a fw1_resources.bin resource file (can be extracted of some fw with RGN_Tool )
3- Right click on the list of symbols to save one or all symbols.
4- Double click to replace a symbol
5- Save new .bin file

For support, you can post here or visit these threads (in alphabetical order):


Latest version:

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Previous versions:

Revision History

  • Adding support for reading and extracting GIR files of type 23. No symbol replace yet.

  • BETA testing: Adding support for replacing symbols in GIR files of type 21.

  • Adding support for GIR files of type 21. No logo replace yet.

  • Fixed a runtime error when opening a logo file for the nuvi 23xx & 24xx.

*Added support for dashboard (.dshb) files. Symbols can be extracted and replaced by other symbols of the same resolution. No SVG support yet.

  • Fixed a program crash issue when saving logo bin files. Bug present in version 0.51 only. Saving to GIR file was working correctly.
  • Added PNG symbol replacement in GIR files of type 10, 11 and 12.

  • Added symbol extraction and replacement from resource files of type 1 (Garmin Asus Mobile Phone M20) - Request by Longrun

  • Added "Convert 37xx logo to 34xx" in the Tools menu. Just load a 37xx logo and run the Tools function. Then double click the image and replace it by your own 800x480 PNG image.
  • EULA updated to mention your responsabilities in respecting copyrighted materials.

  • Added EULA terms agreement. Not for use in commercial applications.
  • COOL! Added symbol replacement in gir files of type 19 (37xx) & 20 (34xx)
  • Supports a new format of logo.bin from gps 62S (request from PouchX)
  • Improvements to gui when extracting symbols
  • Symbol file names have now correct image dimensions and frame dimensions
  • Improvements to symbol structure extraction.

  • Added support to replace BMP into 24xx/23xx logo.bin (GIR file). Make sure the resolution of the logo is preserved. The file size is not a problem: the original logo_24xx.bin provided is too big.

  • Added support for resource files of type 20 (nuvi model 34xx)

  • Added support for 37xx logo file.

  • Added support for resource files of type 19 (nuvi model 37xx).

  • Added extraction of bitmaps of type 6.
  • More support for reading gir files of type 12 (models 13xx 14xx).
  • Added filename to command-line. You can drag .bin files over GIR_Editor.exe to load or drag .bin files over the application to load. This allows you also to register .bin extensions to GIR_Editor which will invoke automatically GIR_Editor when double clicking on a .bin file.
  • You can also drag&drop supported .bin files over the opened instance of GIR_Editor.

  • Automatically recalculate the entire file checksum when saving logo.bin files just in case you want to modify some strings manually. Just load a logo.bin and save back. Not even a need to change the logo.
  • Not finished, but a bit more support for bitmap type 6 extraction on nuvi 37xx fw1_resources.bin. I should be done soon.
  • Fixed logo extraction for 255w Chinese logo.bin.

  • Supports single logo file (like zumo Japan logo)
  • Displays correctly the number of symbols in files
  • Automatically display first symbol in preview when a file is opened
  • Corrected 32-bit bitmap logo replacement

  • Added support for resource files of type 19. Only PGN can be previewed for this file type.
  • Added support for logo.bin files. Symbols can be extracted and replaced. The modified file can be saved to a new logo file.

  • Symbol preview and extraction from resource files of type 10, 11 and 12 only.


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