This program allows you to view and modify the list of TTS and non-TTS voices supported by your GPS firmware.

Why would you want to do this?

You converted your GPS to use a firmware from another country (using RGN_Tool) and you suddenly have an "Incompatible audio version" when you select a new voice. Or, you may want to install a new VPM voice, but you get the "Incompatible audio version" message on the GPS. This error message appears because the new voice is not listed inside the firmware. RGNVoiceEditor allows you to replace one of the existing voice by a new one included in the list of supported voices.

What if I do not see my new voice in the list?

Just send me an email or post a message in the discussion here on this site. I will add it in no time.

Official disclaimers:
  • Do this at your own risks!
  • Do not flash any FW if you are getting weird errors

Screen Shots



1- Open your .rgn firmware file (for .gcd, use RGN_Tool to convert it to .rgn)
2- Replace the voice on the left by a new voice in the right column. Use the scroll bar to view all the voices.
3- Save the changes to a new .rgn file.
4- Flash the modified firmware.

For support, you can post here by clicking the Discussion button above or visit this thread:


Latest version: RGNVoiceEditor_v110.zip

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Previous versions:

Revision History

  • Supports now more than 15 voices
  • Fixed an issue causing a runtime error crash.

  • Added Thai_Narisa to the list.

  • Fixed the language ID issue when converting VPM files.

  • Automatically adds missing .rgn extension to filename when saving.
  • Fixed a runtime error when converting VPM files.
  • Limited processing to RGN input file only. GCD can be bugged. Fixing soon.