Symbol Extractor

This program will extract all symbols from a nuvi 765 firmware. The firmware file should be a .GCD (like GUpdate.GCD) or a .RGN file. Symbols can be previewed and saved for now.

Have also a look at GIR_Editor for symbol extraction.

Model Compatibility

SymbolExtractor has been tested on Garmin models:
  • Nuvi 765, 775, 465, 2x5w, 1370
  • Zumo 660

It is NOT compatible with the following models:
  • Nuvi 7x0, 8x0, 8x5, 755, 6x0, 1480C
  • Handheld GPS
  • nuvi 370
  • nuvi 5000
  • Rino 110, 520
  • Zumo 550
  • GPSMap276, GPSMap295
  • Colorado 400t
  • Dakota
  • DNX7200
  • Forerunner 305

Screen Shots



  • 1- Start SymbolExtractor.
  • 2- Use File->Open to open the RGN or GCD firmware file.
  • 3- Right click on the list to save the symbol(s).
  • 4- Double click to replace a symbol. The new symbol must have a total size equal or less than the original symbol.
  • 5- Exit and enjoy!


Latest version:

Previous versions:

Revision History

  • Note: still no BMP replacement. Only PNG.
  • fixed a runtime error when the .rgn file was too big on 23xx and 24x5 model.

  • Note: still no BMP replacement. Only PNG.
  • fixed a bad 00 byte when creating RGN file. Caused a System Software Missing. Fixed now.
  • Corrected bad pointer preventing PNG bitmaps to be replaced. Still no BMP replacement.
  • Added BMP symbol extraction - this means more symbols detected than before in a firmware file.
  • Some BMP symbols will be screwed up. Cannot fox for now. You will see them easily.
  • Not supported: BMP symbol replacement (for now)

  • Added ability to replace symbols.

  • Added symbol preview, symbols list and ability to save single or multiple symbols.

  • first release.