TTS Speech Doctor Pro

An orthophonist for your GPS that you can customize yourself. It allows you to modify the pronounciations for certains abbreviations or words. Be your own TTS speech doctor.

Kudos to JHAres for making the first Spanish VPM files with those abbreviations (see screen shots). This custom abbreviations table for Spanish languages was provided by him.

Main Features

  • Make your own abbreviation table
  • Up to 43 abbreviations
  • Do it yourself

Model Compatibility

TTS Speech Doctor Pro should work on Garmin models:
  • Nuvi 7x0, 260, 3x0, 6x0, 8x0
  • Zumo
  • StreetPilot C550 and 2730.

It is NOT compabible with the following models:
  • Nuvi 250W (this model does not support TTS voice)
  • StreetPilot C320 (this model does not support TTS voice)
  • Nuvi 255W (this model has not the right speech engine)

Screen Shots



  • 1- Load your VPM voice (the program will check voice compatibility)
  • 2- Type in your own abbreviations on the right side
  • or
  • 2- Import a pre-made abbreviation table
  • 3- Save the new VPM voice (preserve the file name)
  • 4- Copy back to your GPS


Latest version: TTS Speech Doctor Pro


TTS Speech Doctor Pro will work only with newer VPM files. Make sure to update yours if the program complains.

Make sure all the files included in the ZIP are in the application folder.

Works well with foreing languages in foreign country. The original abbreviation table (on the left side) will not be used in those countries. If you think those abbreviations are not required for US/UK/Canada, feel free to modify and enjoy.

Revision History

  • Corrected file write.

  • First release - and not working!